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No Excuse: Erykah’s Out of Control Fro January 18, 2008

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We know Ms. Badu steps to the beat of her own freakin’ drum, but what was up with this look? On her way to MTV’s TRL studios in New York yesterday, she debuted yet another voluminous afro wig and some nerdy oversize frames. Too bad she didn’t edit her headgear as well as she did her outfit (we actually dig her black leather jacket, grey tee, half-buttoned blue shirt, cigarette jeans, and leopard pumps). Dressing quirky is high on this songstress’ list, but we’re not buying her attempt at geek chic this time. Tell us: What do you think of her look? Is it too over the top or just right for her?


4 Responses to “No Excuse: Erykah’s Out of Control Fro”

  1. msbadu2003 Says:

    She has classic albums…she can look however she wants to look…chick rocks…she’s a goddess!

  2. Amhara Says:

    she may be a goddess but if someone through a rock at her head she wouldn’t notice through that hair.

    but her outfitt is really cute and i can see the look she was going for but it fell off a little with the glasses
    (i am not a hater i just think she over did some styles)

  3. Amhara Says:


  4. Amhara Says:

    – threw
    (sorry that me spelling is terrible)

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