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No Excuse: Lindsay’s Lacy Leggings January 18, 2008

Filed under: No Excuse — styleuncut @ 9:57 pm

Why does this chick refuse to wear pants?? It’s as if she’s allergic or something. We have yet to see the actress in jeans since she left rehab. Well, here we go again. Lindsay was out shopping in LA yesterday in this get up (floaty white cap-sleeved tunic, white scarf, cream leather jacket, taupe espadrille wedges, and gasp! white lacy leggings). We guess she’s channeling Madonna/Like a Virgin circa 1985 with those things but again, why? Lacy leggings were not stylish then and they’ll never be as far as we’re concerned. Someone should seriously organize a style intervention for Lindsay before she walks out the house like this again. How are you feeling about the newest additions to Ms. Lohan’s leggings collection?


One Response to “No Excuse: Lindsay’s Lacy Leggings”

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